Mircea Basescu, involved in a terrorist affair, covered up by the president   august 26th, 2009


Dangerous connections in the attention of the INTERPOL


The author assumes civil and criminal liability for all information contained below. The reproduction of the information is authorized.

 *Romanian President’s brother participated in a top secret international traffic operation involving large quantities of explosive. *Five ships from Thailand were docked in Constanta Harbor. * The operation was controlled by Mircea Basescu, Romanian President’s brother. *The cargo consists of explosives and ammunition. *Despite its huge size, the author does not know its exact quantity. *According to the contract concluded between the Thai party and ROMARM S.A., belonging to the Ministry of Industry, the final destination was the MU Babeni in the Valcea County. * Upon reaching the location, instead of being destroyed, the explosives and the ammunition were repacked. *Their export followed shortly, using as intermediary and carrier the limited liability company S.C. ROMARGO CEREAL SRL. *The cargo was shipped again, under the protection of Mircea Basescu. *Although the author of this disclosure does not know the total earnings from this outrageous scam, one can only assume it to be enormous. *Proof to this is that INTERPOL Belgium is interested in the route of 12 million Euros, which is hardly a fraction from the earnings. *This is the amount that INTERPOL Belgium believes to have been controlled via S.C. ROMAGRO CEREAL SRL towards two terrorist organizations. *On January 21, 2009, INTERPOL Brussels – Belgium sent an urgent letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to the Center of International Police Cooperation and to the National Office of INTERPOL, requesting the investigation of Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, associate of ROMAGRO CEREAL SRL Romania. *The following institutions were informed: The External Intelligence Service (SIE); The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI); the Ministry of Administration and Interior – General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate (DGIPI); The General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police – The General Directorate of Fighting Organized Crime (DGCCO) and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police – Directorate for Fraud Investigation (DIF). *The result was that Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, alias Imad Kebir, major shareholder in ROMAGRO CEREAL – with 70%, , played an important role by means of this company, in financing the Hezbollah movement and in supplying it with weapons. *Apparently, he is also the main importer of weapons and military equipment for the terrorist group UNITA in Angola, through The Democratic Republic of Congo. * , Mircea Basescu played an important role in this entire affaire that is in the secret take over and unloading at the end of 2008 or in the first part of January 2009 – five ships with explosives that should have been destroyed – the exact date not being known by the author. *Mircea Basescu also ensured the secret second export of the explosives. *Numerous telephone conversations were intercepted between retired lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea, de facto manager at the date of ROMAGRO CEREAL SRL, Mircea Basescu, Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, alias Imad Kebir and Ion Garbacea, from ROMARM SA. *One of the beneficiaries in the affair is Mircea Basescu. *After being informed by the National Anti-corruption Directorate and SRI, Traian Basescu ordered the cease of all actions and activities carried out by the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate. *The Romanian President dismissed all the directors in the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate and ordered the arrest of the head of DGIPI, Cornel Serban. *The real reason was covered up by the famous arrest of the businessman Puiu Popoviciu. *A vast operation of taking over the current archives from the Technical Directorate – interceptions – from the Intelligence Division and Surveillance Division, was launched in order to recover all documents, interceptions and stenographs including the name of the Romanian President’s brother, Mircea Basescu. *Under the pretext of the Ciorogarla scandal – involving stolen weapons from a unit’s warehouse – the Army Secret Service and the corresponding directorates were decimated, by being beheaded. *After sending the file to General Prosecutor’s Office, Mircea Basescu ceased all activities related to ROMAGRO CEREAL S.R.L. and refused all direct telephone contacts with Ion Garbacea, from ROMARM and retired lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea.



 INTERPOL moves in

             Consequent to the investigations carried out by officers from several structures responsible for fighting against organized crime, weapon and explosive trafficking, crimes for supporting and financing international terrorism, high officials of S.C. ROMARM S.A., institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Industry, led by Adriean Videanu, were guilty of participating in an criminal organization. Adriean Videanu, and his accomplices Mircea Basescu, Romanian President’s brother and the retired lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea, have close connections  with a person wanted by the INTERPOL for terrorist actions, according to an official letter, sent in January 2009 by INTERPOL Brussels from Belgium.

           The Belgian authorities found that from April to October 2007, USD 4,578,000 were transferred into the account of Metro Trading Company SA by means of international transfers, a Belgian company whose associate and administrator is Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, born in Monrovia, Liberia and residing in Lebanon, Beirut. Moreover, the latter’s personal account was also credited several times by means of transfers by a certain Bakri Abbas Jihad.

            In order to bring more clarity upon the subject, we will mention that, consequent to the terrorist attacks from September 11, 2001, the United States of America launched a vast operation of tracing the global terrorist networks by means of money transfer surveillance. The main support in this respect came from the SWIFT network – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication –, residing in Belgium.

Suspicions related to the terrorist actions of Bakri Imad Abdul Reda have started since May 30, 2005, when he was discovered to have played an important part in financing the Hezbollah movement and in supplying it with weapons. Later on, according to an UN report of the Authority for Supervising the Sanctions Imposed by UNITA, the terrorist movement in Angola,   Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, alias Imad Kebir is its main weapons and military equipment importer, via Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. According to recent information from the Belgian authorities, Bakri Imad invested 2 million Euros in the French company Grands Moulins from Strasbourg (GMS) – still under surveillance – and promised to invest another 16 million Euros via a company in Belgium and ROMAGRO CEREAL in Romania, where he is associated. Thus, naturally, INTERPOL Belgium requested the cooperation of Romanian authorities in order to receive intelligence on the terrorist network.



Romanians were fully engaged

                        Ever since 2008, thus before INTERPOL Belgium started this vast operation, with Mircea Basescu, President Traian Basescu’s brother at his core, the Service for Fighting against Organized Crime Valcea came across a strange situation in the Babeni Military Unit. Exaggerated quantities of explosives were found, appearing as surplus in the management reports. Their only origin could be the non-destruction of explosive substances coming from external contracts of ROMARM. More precisely, ROMARM concludes contracts with third countries for the destruction of explosive substances and ammunition. The Service for Fighting against Organized Crime has subsequently discovered that MU Babeni not only did not destroy such substances, but it also sent them back for export. According to the control deeds drafted by D.I.I.C.O.T Valcea, the main culprit for the false destruction, translated into repacking the explosives, is Ion Marculescu.

            The cargo of five ships, secretly unloaded by Mircea Basescu, came from Thailand and consisted in explosives and ammunitions. The respective quantities, transferred in documents and even physically via ROMARM, were exported via ROMAGRO CEREAL S.R.L., managed by retired lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea.

            After the findings of the Service for Fighting against Organized Crime Valcea, which informed the other state structures responsible for fighting against such crimes, several persons were put under surveillance. First and foremost were retired lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea and the ROMARM director, Ion Garbacea. Thus, thousands of telephone conversations were intercepted; many of them including Mircea Basescu. As far as the President’s brother is concerned, the content of the recordings refers to details on bringing and unloading the five ships with explosive substances and ammunition coming from Thailand. Mircea Basescu provided the secret reception, unloading and reloading of the five ships, using especially his relations with the representatives of the harbor security company.

           The content of the five ships was sold to the benefit of UNITA Angola, having as intermediary and carrier the company ROMAGRO CEREAL S.R.L. According the data received by the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate, it appears that Mircea Basescu was associated in the business, including the respective benefits, with Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, via the retired lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea.



Who is Cornel Purcarea?           

                         It is now time to make some statements on Cornel Purcarea. According to the information given by the press trust of the Ministry of Defense, Purcarea retired in 1995, when he was 40 years old. He started a partnership in 1996 with several investors, Bilal Wehbe. Together they founded the company ROMAGRO CEREAL, with the main activity of importing and exporting agricultural products. They purchased a grain elevator that was modernized and equipped according to European standards. Apart from the parent company, starting with 2003 when the turnover had already reached 40 million USD, a couple of companies providing special activities appeared. These included services, horticulture, gas distribution. Subsequently, Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, alias Imad Kebir became a shareholder of this company. That means exactly the person the Interpol was looking for. Obviously, once again the operation set up with the help of Cornel Purcarea, friend and business associate of Mircea Basescu and involving significantly an international wanted terrorist, is carried out via an apparently legal company. Retracing the history of ROMAGRO CEREAL SRL, one can easily see how a couple of people tried to create confusion and to clear their traces, by means of frequent changes at the level of the shareholders and the administrators. Starting with June 1999, the shareholders’ structure included the following: Hamadeh Joseph Toufic, American citizen born in Lebanon, Cornel Purcarea, whom we will mention furtheron, Ali Ahmed Choueib Lebanese citizen, Imad Chukrallah Nasrallah Lebanese citizen, Bakri Imad Abdul Reda the Belgian citizen of Lebanese origin that attracted INTERPOL’s attention, Vehbe Mohamad Bilal Romanian citizen of Lebanese origin and Mansour Mehanna Lebanese citizen. Strangely enough, probably from the need to protect himself and leave as few traces as possible, Cornel Purcarea appears in the shareholders’ structure on December 7, 1999 only to make his exit on December 16 the same year. This is a sign that as far back as 1999, illegal operations occurred or were planned, including a network of persons of Lebanese origin. So, although Purcarea officially appears only for a couple of days in this company, the press trust of the Ministry of Defense refers intensely to him, in association with an important investor, Bilal Wehbe who was also administrator in ROMAGRO CEREAL for a period of time. Furthermore, Purcarea also gave statements for the press trust of the Ministry of Defense regarding his activity in ROMAGRO CEREAL as shareholder and administrator. Here is such an example published in the first issue of the magazine “Spirit militar modern”, belonging to the press trust of the Ministry of Defense in 2004. And this happened four years after Purcarea no longer appeared officially as shareholder or administrator: “It all started with a joint stock company, specialized on cereal trade. In 1996 he entered a partnership together with a couple of businessmen from abroad willing to invest in Romania. The main associate is Bilal Wehbe. Together they laid the foundation of the company Romagro Cereal and started an investment strategy in the field of food industry and agricultural production. The main activity of the company consisted of importing and exporting agricultural products. They purchased a grain elevator, modernized and equipped it according to European standards. Today, this is one of the largest and most modern elevators in the country. The company’s turnover for 2003 amounts to over 40 million dollars. Apart from the parent company, a couple of other companies were founded with specific activities. The idea was not to work only with one company that covers all domains, but with several companies. However, a company specializes in cereal trade and providing services in storing cereals; others specialize in the agricultural production, in horticulture, in natural gas distribution. These all convert around the company Romagro Cereal.

                        What does the former officer Cornel Purcarea believes to be important in order to be successful in business? He claims, from the start, that there are no ready-made recipes guaranteeing full success.” And now, in the same article, follows Cornel Purcarea’s statement. Let’s examine it: “First of all, for me, it is very important how to choose one’s partners. I say this from experience; because things never went the way I wanted. There were fluctuations and troubled times. Secondly, you have to know exactly what want to do when you decide to start a business. You have to scrutinize it. You have to investigate all aspects and even be negative about it so as to be ready for the worst. And, last but not least, you have to have your family’s support. It is highly important if the family supports you, stays by your side and encourages you. The capital I brought in this business was righteousness, loyalty to the partners I started with on this journey. As an officer, I learned not to give in to the first glance of success. I have a life experience that allows me to face any difficulty. I am very pleased with what I accomplished so far. I now have what I only used to dream of”. There is no doubt that Purcarea continued to participate secretly behind one of the Lebanese both as administrator and shareholder. Why did he hide behind official deeds? And who is he really?

                        Beyond the, let’s say romantic, aspects of a successful business, the reality is that lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea worked in the Army Secret Service, in several transmission and intelligence structures, specializing in African issues. However, as an officer, he also dealt with people coming from the Arabian states, in his capacity as intelligence officer. This is why it is no coincidence that his name, as well as name of the Lebanese citizen Bilal Wehbe, alias Hammoud, appears in tight connection with Jamal Al Atm, involved in the “Tigareta 2” matter. They knew one another before 1989. And with the help of Purcarea, Bilal was not even heard in the “Tigareta 2” matter. Furthermore, he received the Romanian citizenship.

                        According to the data in the file “Tigareta 2”, both Bilal Wehbe and Cornel Purcarea were and still are in tight connection with another character involved in “Tigareta 2”, i.e.  Valentin Vasilescu, deputy commander of AIBO at the time, arrested in the evening of May 6, 1998.  The heroic poem “Tigareta 2”, at least from the point of view the characters involved, lasts until January 2005, when Monica Macovei was appointed at the steering wheel of the Ministry of Justice. At that time, Valentin Vasilescu was officially informed by prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu from the High Court of Cassation and Justice that file 26/P/2005 was allotted to him, and that he must continue investigating Vasilescu concerning the cigarette smuggling operation which took place on the night of April 16 to 17, 1998. However, as strange as it may seem, since that moment and up to when he was dismissed, Ciprian Nastasiu did not summon him to any hearing.

                        Coming back to Purcarea, in the past years he also consorted with the Lebanese El Najib Lakis, alongside whom he controls half of the company Energo Reparatii Serv, subscriber for contracts with the state. The other half belongs to the Greek Ioannis Papalekas. The triple Romanian – Lebanese – Greek alliance has a common denominator given that, at the end of all this chain of associations, there are off-shore companies in Cyprus.

                        Together with the Turkish citizen Mehmed Gundoglu, Cornel Purcarea was associated in the company Med Dac SRL, the object of activity being the preservation of fruit and vegetables, and was involved in the famous scandal SINTOFARM, the one related to forerunners used for manufacturing drugs.



Coldea informs Basescu. “Operation cover up”

                         We now come back to the illegal trafficking with explosive substances and ammunition. In order to receive a certain quantity of explosive, Babeni MU within ROMARM drafted false protocols of the destruction thereof. This is how we can explain the surplus in management records found by the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate.

                        Upon completion of the documentation on the sale and export of explosives in Angola, via Congo, the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate submitted the file to the General Prosecutor’s Office, in order to be taken over by the Directorate for Investigating Terrorism and Organized Crime, together with the proposal to refer the competences and the judicial mandate for the continuation of investigations, to inform SRI and for the case to be taken over by DIICOT. The first consequence was to inform SRI. The SRI Deputy Director, Florian Coldea informed in his turn President Traian Basescu.

                        In February 2009, Florin Coldea tried to trace the persons in charge of the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate in order to find out more details. However, radical decisions were taken shortly. These coincided with the 27 hour arrest of the DGIPI Director, Chief Commissioner Serban Cornel and lead to his dismissal from the structure. The purpose was to access the archives and the documents of the unit, in order to recover the transcripts, the telephone recordings and the operational data which were the base for solving the file ROMARM – ROMAGRO CEREAL – Mircea Basescu – Bakri Imad Abdul Reda. Thus, the case Popoviciu turned into a pretext for excluding from the system the officers in charge of the investigations. By means of the National Anti-corruption Directorate and the Romanian Intelligence Service, immediate measures were taken to suspend all actions and activities of the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate, with the obvious implicit renunciation of interceptions and actual work in relation to the files. 

                        From this point of view, the Ciorogarla case was a cover up of the operation involving Mircea Basescu and, at the same time, it became the premise for illegal operations to the benefit of certain people, by means of the top management in the Army along with the equipping of Army Forces. Under the pretext of weapons stolen from the military storage in Ciorogarla, the Chief of Air Staff, general-lieutenant Constantin Croitoru, the Head of the  Counterintelligence and Military Safety Directorate in the Ministry of Defense, brigade general Ion Ungureanu, the Head of the Counterintelligence and Military Safety Directorate in the Air Staff, lieutenant-colonel Maricel Popa, the Head of the Resources Department in the Air Staff, brigade general  Costel Tataru, the Head of the Military Protection Service in the General Staff, colonel Marcu Plescanu, the Head of the Safety and Security department in the Military Police Service from the General Staff, colonel Constantin Pupaza were dismissed. This vast operation of Army top management changes was controlled by the former presidential counselor Mihai Stanisoara, appointed by Traian Basescu as minister of Defense, along with the Boc Government. What is highly relevant is that this way, his friend Aurel Lascu, also business associate of Stanisoara’s son, Andrei, was appointed as Secretary of State for the Weaponry Department within the Ministry of Defense. Coming back to the camouflage operation, it is quite significant that, immediately after the arrest of Puiu Popoviciu – a collateral victim -, the Romanian President Traian Basescu decided to dismiss all directors in the General Intelligence and Internal Protection Directorate and to make them available so as to obtain access for the DNA prosecutors to the operational archives and documents. The prosecutors on the case, investigating the Serban Cornel case, requested the evidence registers of operational documents and checked the current archives, especially the ones of the Technical Division – Interceptions – Intelligence Division and Surveillance Division. Mircea Basescu’s name must be removed.

                        The most wanted document is the file including the transcript of the telephone recordings between lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea, Mircea Basescu, Ion Garbacea and Bakri Imad Abdul Reda, regarding the unloading of the five ships with explosives and ammunition from Thailand, brought to be destroyed by ROMARM and also regarding the export of the explosives and sale in Angola.

                      Thus, INTERPOL Belgia remains, empty handed. After having sent the file to the General Prosecutor’s Office, Romanian President’s brother, Mircea Basescu, ceased all activities with ROMAGRO CEREAL S.R.L. He refuses all telephone or direct contacts with the director of ROMARM, Ion Garbacea, and with the lieutenant-colonel Cornel Purcarea.

                       At this moment, the shareholders’ structure ROMAGRO CEREAL is as follows: Bakri Imad Abdul Reda – 70 percent, Imad Chukrallah Nasrallah – 30 percent. Thanks to the highest Romanian authorities in the state, the main shareholder is a financer of terrorist movements.

                        To begin with, I am disclosing the history of this controversial company, as received from the National Trade Register Office.




                        In order to receive much of the information disclosed above, the author took considerable risks. It is precisely for this reason that I believe that the press investigation is only at the beginning. As of this moment, in which I believe to have fulfilled my duty by providing information of public interest, the dice have been cast. Both myself and all the other willing journalists have the possibility to request, without undertaking significant risks, documents and information leading to the disclosure of the full truth in this top administration crime involving Mircea Basescu and of which his brother, the President of Romania, was informed in due time. I draw the attention of INTERPOL Belgium, and make a suggestion to complete the information by reading the press disclosures made by Romanian journalists. I also suggest that the Parliament analyzes this situation, should the legislative believe it necessary to open an investigation also regarding the involvement of Mircea Basescu, with his brother’s knowledge, in a terrorist affair that state institutions have tried to cover up.


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