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ExpomilArmamentul si munitia in cauza fusesera expuse la standul georgian de la EXPOMIL –99, expozitie de prezentare a tehnicii militare, organizata la Pavilionul Expozitional din Piata Presei Libere, in luna octombrie 1999. Odata incheiata aceasta manifestare, exponatele au fost expediate propietarului, pe calea aerului.

Atat comentariile, cat si ping-urile sunt inchise.

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octombrie 29th, 2009 at 23:04
Robert Horvath spune:


Documents provided ROBERT HORVATH by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York provide additional details about the case against alleged arms trafficker Viktor

Viktor Bout and an alleged associate, Andrew Smulian, were arrested in Thailand in March 2008 after an elaborate international sting operation organized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Bout and Smulian have been accused of, among other offenses, conspiring to sell thousands of weapons to three “confidential sources” (CS) working with the DEA who were posing as representatives of the FARC, a Colombian terrorist group. Since his arrest, Bout has been the subject of an international legal tug-of-war between Washington, which is seeking his extradition to the US, and Moscow, which is demanding that he be returned to Russia. In August, Thai courts denied US extradition requests. Prosecutors appealed the ruling and are currently awaiting a decision on the appeal.

The Documents

The documents obtained by the ROBERT HORVATH after his his arrest. These documents include:

This document is particularly important in regards to the 100 shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles, , have been the focus of an international control campaign for nearly seven years because of the threat they pose to military and commercial aircraft. Confirmation that Bout had access to the missiles would suggest the need for renewed vigor in the global fight against shoulder-fired missile proliferation. . According to Kassar’s indictment, he invited a DEA informant to “travel to BULGARIA and ROMANIA where the weapons were being manufactured”. Investigating these claims is important because, if entities in ROMANIA are indeed offering to sell missiles and the other weapons to arms traffickers, immediate action should be taken to identify them and shut down their operations.

(1) Bout Complaint

(2) Bout Indictment

(3) Bout Rebuttal Affidavit in Support of Extradition 02.17.2009 – EX 1 (email allegedly from Bout)

(4) Bout Rebuttal Affidavit in Support of Extradition 02.17.2009 – EX 2 (plane Brochures)

(5) Bout Rebuttal Affidavit in Support of Extradition 02.17.2009 – EX 3 (article on FARC)

(6) Bout Rebuttal Affidavit in Support of Extradition 02.17.2009 – EX 4 (map of South America)

(7) Bout Rebuttal Affidavit in Support of Extradition 02.17.2009 – EX 5 (hand-written notes)

(8) Bout Rebuttal Affidavit in Support of Extradition 02.17.2009 – EX 6 (AT-4 Spigot description)

(9) Bout Affidavit in Support of Extradition 04.28.2008 – EX 1 (indictment)

(10) Bout Affidavit in Support of Extradition 04.28.2008 – EX A (photo of Bout)


octombrie 30th, 2009 at 16:44


DAVID N. KELLEY, the United States Attorney for
the Southern District of New York, PASQUALE D’AMURO, the
Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Office of the FBI,
and RAYMOND W. KELLY, the New York City Police Commissioner,
announced today the unsealing of a complaint in Manhattan federal
court charging 18 individuals with various weapons trafficking
offenses, including a scheme to smuggle rocket propelled grenade
launchers (“RPGs”), shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles
(“SAMs”), and other ROMANIAN military weapons into the United
States for sale. In addition, the defendants are also charged
with conspiring to traffic in machineguns and other similar
assault weapons, and in fact sold eight such weapons during the
course of the investigation.
SOLOMONYAN and SPIES were arrested after
meeting one last time with the CI to finalize their plans to
travel to Eastern Europe to arrange the importation of the
military weapons. The FBI arrested them before they could travel
outside of the U.S. to obtain the weapons.
According to the Complaint, while SOLOMONYAN and SPIES
were actively arranging the importation of the military weapons
from Eastern Europe, they also sold machineguns and assault
weapons to the CI. Utilizing the services of various weapons
traffickers in New York City, Los Angeles, and Florida, the
defendants provided the CI with eight weapons and conspired to
sell the CI many more. As alleged in the Complaint, each weapon
was delivered by the defendants to storage facilities rented by
the FBI on the CI’s behalf. On several occasions, SOLOMONYAN or
SPIES was surveilled delivering the weapons to various storage
locations. Of the eight weapons, three were delivered in New
York City, three were delivered in Los Angeles, and two were
delivered in Fort Lauderdale. The weapons sold to the CI include
an SKS fully-automatic assault rifle;
AK-47; MA-90 Sporter; an AK-47 made by GN
Romarm SA/Cugir; and an AK-47, BA 36 0543, Arsenal, as well as two conversion kits intended to convert both AK-47’s into fully-
automatic machineguns.