Felicitari si success, Mircea Diaconu!   aprilie 9th, 2014

Noi, cei din Dambovita, care te-am sustinut si am semnat listele pentru candidatura ta, am avut dreptate. Nu ai incalcat nicio lege a acestei tari. Ai dreptul sa devi parlamentar european. Ai castigat acest drept in toate instantele. Agentia Nationala de Integritate a mintit. A facut un abuz! Tu esti cel care a avut dreptate. Acum iti tinem pumnii sa castigi si sa ne reprezinti in Europa.

In numele dambovitenilor care te sustin,


Sorin Rosca Stanescu

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aprilie 10th, 2014 at 10:24
Marian Nicolae spune:

My dear foes…and my dear friends,

I believe we must lay aside our casus belli and stick together and work together on this one, otherwise we will cease to exist on this beautiful planet.

We have in our hands one E.L.E. ..Extinction Level Event caused by diabolic entities. The Anglo-Saxons, The Israelis, The Arabs, The Russians, The All To Decadent Occident….for God’s sake, we must work together and defend our planet.

Our politicians, in The USA, EU and in The Russian Federation should GO PUBLIC and explain to the people what the real threat is. S

tart mobilisation of the Earth Armies to fight together against the common enemy – The Draco and The Reptilians.

Please work together, or pardon my french…we are pretty much fucked up…….already….We have only one shot and we better hit it in the bulls eye…….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkDp4cJcGyc

aprilie 10th, 2014 at 10:38
Marian Nicolae spune:

You the British, Americans and Jews I believe to have all the information available on this mighty foe. Start sharing your information with all of us, so that we access the knowledge on how to defeat it. Start sharing the information you have on all new weapons systems to, because now we fight in the same team, do not forget that…..And then…let’s Rock and Roll Mama……..